Do you think you’re a good enough lover? Have you loved as much as you should? Do you think you know what the ideal way to love a woman is? Then take a look at this list of things your woman wishes for, and see if you tick the boxes…


1. She deserves to be valued. Do you think you respect your woman enough? Do you put her needs ahead of yours? It’s not enough to say it in words, do you show it?

2. She likes to wear your clothes. No matter how full of clothing her wardrobe is, her man’s own will always catch her eye. You can’t stop her from wearing them if she so desires, if anything, you should probably help her pick out the most suitable ones.

3. She gets bored; hang out often.

4. Learn to love the things she loves. If she’s a fan of a particular sport/ show, showing love for them would mean everything to her.

5. She wants to hear your voice first and last thing every day. Regular calling/ texting is non-negotiable.

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