Why guys don’t like dating virgins – Let me explain. As a young naive boy, I had tons of female friends but never even had a kiss with anyone. Not that it bothered me back then because I was more into playing football and my studies than I was into girls (weird but true). Then it all changed when I caught some of my seniors in the hostel back then watching porn and discussing their 6ex life with girls in school. I was barely in JSS3 but I was intrigued. “This 6ex thing sounds interesting after all, let me give it try”, my 14-year-old self-thought cunningly.

To cut the long story short, it took me over 6 years after my first inquest into 6ex to loose my virginity. Not for lack of trying. I think it was fate that made me keep that ‘idiot’ for so long.

After the shackles of virginity were lifted off my shoulders, I noticed that I myself detested virgins (female virgins). I never wanted to date any virgin and just avoided them by all means (dated a few back then but that was after love trapped me..lol).

I thought I was alone in this school of thought until I found out from many virgins that most guys run at the sound of the word “virginity”.

So why do (most) guys hate virgins?

Firstly, before we commense. We (especially girls) need to understand that men are visual in nature not emotional. Men are 6exual beings and are 6exually driven. The earlier women accept this the easier time they will have understanding men. They are attracted to girls with nice asses not nice personalities (at least at the beginning of a relationship, of course, we care about personality but I’m talking about initial attraction here).

1. The virgin stereotype

This stereotype says that virgins are naive, ignorant about 6ex, dull, prude, have to be handled carefully, care-less about a man’s 6exual needs, too emotional, extra careful, play too hard to get etc.  Dating a virgin to many guys is a burden, someone you would have to encourage to kiss, someone you would have to beg to reach second base.

Remember guys are physically aroused. Virgins come across as choosy, love conscious and will rebuff a guy’s 6exual advances. Most guys would ask, “why the stress?”


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