Fall In Love With A Guy Who

First Born

Girls who are the oldest in their family are the girlfriends who just want to take care of you. Their maternal instinct can never be tamed so they always want to make sure you’re in a good spot, have enough to eat, don’t need help with anything…pretty much anything that could fall under the caretaker role. They are the classic, “text me when you get home!” girlfriend — the one is who always going to put you ahead of herself.


Oldest children do have a reputation for being controlling, and so the girl who is the oldest sibling is probably going to be on the more type A end of the spectrum. Think of it as less bossy, and more particular. Will there be arguments because the laundry wasn’t put away correctly? Maybe. But the benefit to being an oldest child is she’s learned how to negotiate. So arguments very quickly become “dialogues” or “discussions” and rarely spin out of control and become an actual fight.

Somewhere In The Middle

Middle children have grown up with people on either side of them who were also vying for attention, so dating a middle child means she’s going to want a lot of reassurance. She has a tendency to lean a little towards the jealousy side — not because she’s paranoid or thinks her S.O. is doing anything that would WARRANT jealousy. Her jealousy mostly stems from wanting to be the center of attention (for a change) and be someone’s number one.

Because of her inclination to attention seek, the middle child girlfriend is absolutely a people pleaser. She always wants to make her partner happy — to make sure what’s being said about her is really positive and affirms her place as their favorite. She wants to be the person who randomly comes to mind and makes whoever is thinking of her smile. That is a best case scenario for a middle child.

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