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Oh, zodiac, zodiac. Few things are as universally appealing and personal at the same time. We all have a birthday like we all have a belly button so, in all likelihood, you’ve checked your horoscope at least once in your life. For the most part, your horoscope is really just general advice that doesn’t necessarily apply to a specific situation, but there are other fun uses for this ancient curiosity. You could check bae’s horoscope too! Here’s a list of you/prospective bae combinations that are sure to work out. (Please don’t go dumping anyone over this.) It’s all in good fun!


1. Pisces And Taurus

Earth and water spend a lot of time together as it is, so this match is made in the elements. Taurus is practical to a fault so Pisces’ gentle, emotionally deep approach can help Taurus expand his/her horizons. In return, Taurus offers structure and direction to the dreamy, sensitive. Pisces.


2. Libra And Aries

These two are both social butterflies, which makes them strong and happy together. If you’ve ever been to a great party, chances are this pair had something to do with it!


3. Aries And Gemini

These signs are a great match both physically and intellectually. Their elements, fire and air, need each other and can work well together on a common goal.


4. Scorpio And Cancer

These two are pretty passionate. Their deep bond is strong and their love of intimacy is mutual. The two are both a bit protective, so they make one another feel secure in that whole “butt grab in public” kind of way.


5. Sagittarius And Leo

It’s hot in here, ya’ll. These fire signs are super adventurous and when they’re put together, they just can’t stop getting up and going. Stay away from hikes ’cause, you know, forest fires and such.


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