Your ex made you feel anxious, worthless, and unloved but you stayed with him for too long anyway, partially because you dreaded re-entering the dating world and partially because you worried you’d never find better. You accepted his half-assed attempt to love you because you thought it was what you deserved. Well, you were wrong—you deserve the best. You deserve someone like this:

1. He’ll Look Forward To Hearing Your Voice Every Day. Your ex could go an entire day without texting. And forget about calling or hanging out with you on the regular—if you saw him twice a week, you felt lucky. I’m not saying the right guy will spend time with you every single day—people are busy and sometimes schedules don’t align. However, the right guy will WANT to see and talk to you every single day. That’s the difference.

2. He’ll Love The Way You Fight. Fights are inevitable, even if you’re in a relationship with the right guy. What’s important is the WAY you fight. Trust me when I say that you want to love the way your boyfriend fights, even if you don’t love fighting with him and vice versa. Dating someone who goes quiet when they’re upset with you isn’t fun. You want someone who can talk to you about what’s bothering them without cussing you out or ghosting you altogether.

3. He Won’t Be Afraid To Open Up. There are usually two reasons why people don’t open up: they’re afraid or they just don’t care enough to do so. The right guy will want to let down his guard and let you in. He won’t be afraid to express his feelings because he’ll know you won’t judge him or reject him; he’ll be comfortable with you, and that’ll be a great thing.

4. He’ll Constantly Bring Up The Future. The idea of being with one person for the rest of his life won’t freak him out—not if he’s the right guy for you. Sure, he might not be ready to propose and get married in a year, but he’ll be ready to start planning a future with you in some way, shape, or form.

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