Thanks to the popularity and variety of dating apps, it feels like you never stop dating. It’s a 24/7 cycle of chatting, first dates and disappointment. But if you don’t figure out how you want to date, you’re going to feel overwhelmed AF. Here’s why you need to get into a dating routine:

1. You have a schedule for the rest of your life, so why not dating? You plan out your work days because if you didn’t, you’d be lost and have no idea what to focus on. You make sure that you see your BFFs on a regular basis because if you didn’t, you’d never catch up. Since you have a schedule for the rest of your life, you should definitely do the same when it comes to dating. If you don’t set aside time to look for love, it honestly might never happen. Sure, you want to believe that your unicorn guy is going to fall from the sky, but what if he doesn’t?

2. You have more time to date than you think. You have a busy life. Of course you do. But instead of telling yourself that you don’t have time to date, why not figure out when you do? If you have two nights a week that you could potentially go on dates, then schedule dates for those evenings. It doesn’t make sense to live a chaotic lifestyle where you feel you have zero time to date when that’s just not true.

3. You don’t have to date all the time. If you like devoting Sunday afternoons to messaging guys and seeing if you connect with anyone, why not do that every week? You don’t have to date all the time. In fact, you totally shouldn’t. You’re just going to get burnt out and sick of the whole thing, and that’s not going to do you any favors. Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll see that finding dates really isn’t that bad.

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