1. Acting Innocent.

It doesn’t matter if he kisses another girl or responds to your text three days late, because he’ll act like he didn’t do anything wrong. Arguing with him is pointless, because it makes you feel like a crazy person. Like you’re the one who was wrong. Like you were overreacting and he has nothing to apologize for.

2. Keeping In Constant Contact.

This doesn’t mean he’ll text you every morning, because he won’t. No, he’ll only contact you as much as he needs to stay on your mind. That’s why he’ll like your selfie or send you a Snapchat every few days. He won’t put in much effort, but it’ll be enough to keep you hooked on him.

3. Playing The Victim.

If you call him out for leading you on, then he’ll give you a BS (but believable) reason why he hasn’t put a label on your relationship. He’ll either say that he’s recently been cheated on and is trying to piece his heart back together, that he’s dealing with family issues, or that he’s busy struggling to make money. There will always be an excuse, and there will never be a way for you to prove he’s bluffing.

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