what men want to hear

Yes, he wishes you said these things more often.

Men are easy to please and they’re even easier to read. It doesn’t take much to impress a man, and many women tend to overestimate how much guys really want in a relationship.

Most of the time, men will turn into putty in your hands if you just say the right things to them. Sadly, we don’t really say these things too often. If you want to put a smile on your man’s face, tell him one of these things next time you see him.

Here’s what men want to hear from the women they love.

1. “I’ll pay the tab this time, hun.”

Most of the time, guys have to do all the legwork when they are going on a date. This includes planning, paying the bill, and also carting around the girl. If you want to really show them appreciation, offer to pay the full tab next time you’re out. He will appreciate it, I promise.

2. “Damn, you’re strong.”

Whether they like to admit it or not, every guy has a side of him that has a macho streak in it. Yes, he wants to impress the senoritas with his feats of strength. Saying this will make him melt or even blush.

3. “You’re pretty hot, you know that?”

One of the reasons most guys envy girls is because girls get complimented a lot more frequently than guys do. Guys rarely, if ever, get compliments. This is particularly true about his looks. If you want to get brownie points, focus in on one part of him. It’ll make him really glow and believe you’re authentic when you say it.

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