MI Abaga

On Tuesday, October 4, popular Nigerian music star MI Abaga turned 35-years-old and has been widely celebrated by his fans, colleagues and many more.

The Chocolate City label artist has also taken to his Instagram handle to wish himself a happy birthday saying: “Happy Birthday Jude. You are going to see the world, share your heart, make mistakes, fall in love, sing a song, try and fail, try and win….keep growing, never stop laughing, don’t let them steal your joy, don’t let them kill your kindness….eat love, laugh, jump, fly, sing, shout….happy birthday.”

As part of celebrating the music legend, NAIJ.Com Gossip brings you top throwback pictures of the music star MI:

1. Choir Days:

Back in the days when MI was in the choir.Back in the days when MI was in the choir.

MI Abaga’s love for music cannot be quantified as the Chocolate City label artist, started his music career with blessings from God and that blessing and grace which he has enjoyed from childhood, as not failed him.

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