Melania Trump is the 46-year-old wife to soon-to-be United States President, Donald Trump. She is a former model who was born in Slovenia, and became a US citizen in 2006.

melania trump

Melania Trump is a very attractive woman and during her modelling days, she participated in some risqué photo shoots. She has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar (Bulgaria), Ocean Drive, In Style Weddings,Vanity Fair (Italy), Vogue and GQ.

Her modelling days are behind her but the photos are just to S3@.x:’y to forget. She is probably the only first lady to have viral N.Ude photos of herself which didn’t negatively affect the campaign.

See nine of her N@kkd and semi-N@kkd photos below:

1. Fashion conscious

melania 1

Melania’s cleavage seems to be her best feature.

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