It’s no secret that celebrities get compensated pretty handsomely for what they do. Yes, they work hard, often working long hours on set or travelling around the world on a whirlwind tour. However, all that hard work comes with a sky-high salary, which means they can easily spend a bit extra on things that make their lives easier, like personal trainers, personal chefs, assistants and more. And many celebrities live lives that aren’t too crazy – sure, they’ll splurge on a nice house because they have the money to do so, and on things like high quality clothing and security, but many celebrities don’t go too crazy with the spending.

And then, there are the exceptions. The celebrities who don’t blink twice at dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on a whim, or spending way, way more on small items than anyone would ever dream of spending. After all, for these celebrities, hundreds of thousands of dollars is just a drop in the bucket of their multi-million dollar net worth – why even bother keeping track?

It can be strangely satisfying to see what types of things celebrities spend on, and just how much of their millions they’re willing to give up for things that man of us would consider unnecessary luxuries.

Here are 15 celebrities whose spending habits will make you sick (and maybe a little bit jealous, tbh.)


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