2016 was a big year in a lot of different ways, and that’s especially true of celebrities who coupled up between January and December. Over the past twelve months, we’ve seen old exes reunite (and were super excited about it) and celebs finally admit there was a spark between them after flirting forever. We’ve also seen stars start dating people that we never, ever would have expected them to. It’s been a year of big, romantic surprises to say the least! A few of the following relationships actually got started in 2015, but they still blossomed throughout the following year. Thanks to award show public displays of affection, cheesy-but-cute Instagram posts, and declarations of love on talk shows and over Twitter, we’ve definitely seen these relationships grow into something beautiful. While we ship some more than others, you can’t deny that they’re all totally cute! Here are the 15 hottest superstar couples of 2016. Some of them might not be together anymore but that’s ok!


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