Most of the time we do expect our favorite celeb to be married instead of been single, And For ages, the reasons are kept in the dark and we are still contemplating on when will they tie the knot.

In Nigeria, the actors, musician, and actresses act or sing about love and sometimes makes relationship easy to explore, but to our greatest surprise, the majority of this actors, musician, and actresses prefer to be single.
A lot of their fans are eager to know the  type of woman or man an actors, musician and actresses are flirting with or engaged to, But in the case of this five celebrities, it is disconcerting that they are single and not ready to tie the knot. Here are the 6 Nigerian Celebrities that We are Expecting to Get Married In 2017 ( – ):

#1 – JIM IYKE – 40 years

Born September 25, 1976 in Libreville, Gabon. Jim Iyke is one of the most popular and most successful faces in the Nigerian movie industry and is no doubt that is also a good-looking man with a lot of women flocking around him.But what is concerning is that our dearest Jim Iyke is 40 and still single.

In the year 2016 he wrote an open letter with anent messages that elucidate the reasons why his still single – read the letter below:

“Dear LORD,
I decided to quickly submit this petition before the year runs out. I’ll keep it short n straight. The last time we had this convo, King Harv showed up. My life has nv been the same since. It’s being an amazing cocktail of unprecedented blessings, self realization, bold endeavors and forging of powerful alliances.
I’m eternally grateful LORD.
Nw to the matter at hand. My sister says I’m a career cynic. My Ghanaian ex says my head is too strong for love. My Nigerian and past exes says I’m amazing but GLADYS took the last iota of love I hv for any woman with her. My longest friend ,UK, seems to agree and my longest biz partner has wisely said he’s unsure where to stand in the matter! Smdh!
I want a baby girl LORD. A daughter that will keep me on her permanent MUMU BUTTON since nobody else can. I’ve done this bf when King Harv came and turned even the hardest skeptics to awe struck as I took fatherhood to the letter as naturally as fish in water.
Pls give me a daughter this time Lord. You know I’m one that never never bring my private affairs to the public but I want this act of vulnerability to be my most ardent test of faith.
I’ll be the father fathers dream of. I’ll pour my body, soul and spirit into raising her. Besides, King needs a sister to protect and love.
Ok I can already feel you shaking your head in exasperation. But I also glean a little smile beginning. You know how your boy roll! Lol. I’ll keep my part of the bargain by doing that ‘THING’ I pledged wholeheartedly.
Ok let me get out of your space. I know you have more pressing requests to attend to. You’ve been too good to me this year to ask for anything else….. For now LOL!
Visit anyone in need at the point of their station IJN.
PS: ( ANGEL IN CHARGE) I moved my file from the middle to the top of the stack when the LORD asks for it. A little addendum if you pls; I want her to look like SHADE ADU in her teens with the brains of MICHELLE OBAMA. Right! I don’t like the look on your face now. I guess I’m pushing my luck yeah?! OK done! I’m out! Happy Boxing Day Everyone! Enjoy!

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