It’s easy to think that celebrities have the best lives ever. After all, that’s what we all see in shiny Instagram selfies, funny TV interviews and, of course, every single time that they’re photographed. So what happens when their lives aren’t quite so fun and fabulous? What do they do when they realize that just because they’re rich and famous and wealthy, it doesn’t mean that they’re perfect? Mental health is a super serious topic and definitely an important one at that. Thankfully, now that it’s 2017, we’re talking about things like this more and more and no one has to hide their pain and suffering, especially not celebrities. But there’s a difference between living with a mental illness like depression or bipolar disorder and having an actual mental breakdown. Unfortunately, there are a lot of famous figures who have sadly had to deal with this, and sometimes it was pretty disturbing.

Here are 15 celebs who have had mental breakdowns.


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