People in the entertainment industry are almost always good-looking, if not talented and hard-working. Because if they want to make it in show business, they have to be easy on the eyes when they’re projected on the big screen or even in the boob tube. They gain fans who develop fan-girl or fan-boy crushes on them and it’s these fans who make them famous. And when these celebrities decide to have children, they more often than not pass on their good looks to them.

Many celebs’ kids are just as known or even more so than their parents and more often than not, it’s because they inherited their parents’ looks. In some cases, they’re even better-looking than their parents, with their features more refined. Father and son tandems like Kiefer Sutherland and his dad Donald are some of the more well-known look-a-likes in the business. Below is a list of many others.


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