How come there’s no acronym for Thank God It’s Monday?

Well, I guess no one loves Mondays. I feel it’s unfair to have just 2 days for rest after working your entire body, mind, and spirit.

But come to think of it, one has just 1 day of rest over the weekend. Since Sunday is spent preparing for the week after you’d have spent a few hours in church.

Growing up, Sundays were my best days. Besides it being the sabbath for most Christians, it came with a lot of goodies. Hence I’d be counting down things we did as kids on Sundays and what made it so special.

P.S don’t forget to identify your favourite countdown.

1. Sunday Rice

There’s was always something special about Sunday rice. My mum made us believe God ate rice on Sundays only. The effort put into it made it more exciting and salivating.

Egg Fried Rice

Image: TheWoksOfLife

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