Have you ever been embarrassed by that brownish-grayish flaky thing called dandruff?

As annoying as it may seem, dandruff is something some of us still suffer from. But the good news is, it’s curable. How?

Well first and foremost, one should understand what type of dandruff he/she has before deciding on how to tackle it. There are four major types of dandruff:

1. Excessive dryness of one’s scalp caused by extremely dry weather mostly during harmattan or due to neglect.

2. Inadequate shampooing, this causes excess sebum oil to accumulate on the scalp leading to excessive itching.

3. Yeast infection

4. Eczema

I bet you’re anxious to get rid of your embarrassing dandruff. We’ve got you covered. The best part is all the remedies are home made. Make sure you share your testimonies with us after you’ve tried the following:

1.  Lime Treatment

On the last rinse after conditioning, pour a teaspoon of fresh lime juice on your hair. Work it with your fingers till it gets to your scalp, it works wonders.


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