Record label dramas are very messy ones honestly and these days, they’re very common in Nigeria.

Some Nigerian entertainers just part ways amicably and some part ways without the need for unnecessary drags but for some, it comes off as a big fight and the fans are always willing to know what happens and indeed, we do, because these things are open battles.

While your favorite Nigerian musician may have changed record labels without need for a war, here are the few entertainers who have been caught up in this battle.

1. Runtown

Douglas Jack Agu otherwise known as Runtown is in a war with his record label, Eric Manny Records. It was reported that the label has been cheating Runtown of his money and the other side of the drama reported that Runtown has been colluding with his manager to sideline the label from money collected for shows. Currently, there is an injunction at the Federal High Court which stops Runtown from performing at any event or any form of recording for the time being unless with the approval of his label.

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