The worldwide economic situation is bleak. In Nigeria, that bleakness increases by many million folds.

From time immemorial, Nigerians have been singing of hardship. Both economic and otherwise. We keep hoping the future would be better.

But we’re currently in the future that many people predicted and looked forward to decades back. And guess what, it’s actually worse off than the past.

Here are 3 Nigerian songs that still apply today even though they were released years:

1.   Fela’s Suffering and Smiling

38 years after its release, Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s Suffering and Smiling describes Nigeria and it’s economic situation better than ever:

Every day my people dey inside bus
Every day my people dey inside bus
Forty-nine sitting, ninety-nine standing
Them go pack themselves in like sardine
Them dey faint, them dey wake like cock
Them go reach house, water no dey
Them go reach bed, power no dey
Them go reach road, go-slow go come
Them go reach road, police go slap
Them go reach road, army go whip
Them go look pocket, money no dey
Them go reach work, query ready.

Image: 9jaLegal

Image: 9jaLegal

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