Our Nollywood stars are amazing entertainers.

For some of them, they keep us confused when we see ads because we’re not sure exactly what they’ll be up to. But for some others, we can guess the path they’ll be playing and we’re mostly right in most cases. Here are a few Nollywood stars who have been stereotyped regularly and the roles they’re stereotyped into:

1. Patience Ozokwor – Wicked Mother 

Once you see Patience Ozokwor’s name in a movie, she’s the wicked mother whose children are forever getting in trouble with other people in the community or she’s the wicked stepmother who’s pressurizing her child not to marry from a family for whatever reasons she has. She’s almost always ready to do anything to pursue her mission, including going diabolical.

Image: JuicyPoster

Image: JuicyPoster

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