Celebrities love to rag on each other. Our Naija celebs are no exception.

Celebrities are just regular people who are famous. That being said. They all have meltdowns like we regular folks. They have misunderstandings with fans, hangers-on, families and even other celebrities.

The only difference between celebrity brouhaha and that of us common folk is that our Wahalas never make the news. Theirs do.

Naija musicians are always beefing with one another. Sometimes they wax all lyrical about their issue with someone. Other times they just rant and sub the person on social media.

We love when they go lyrical on beefs because we the fans get hot diss tracks and plenty drama. Here are 5 Naija musicians who have given us hot diss tracks in the past:

1.    MI Abaga

No one can deny that Jude Abaga aka MI is one of the hottest rappers in Nigeria. The guy is a lyrical genius. His genius also extends to his beef with other rappers.

Who remembers his song “Beef”?

Everyone knows Beef. And everyone…okay almost everyone loves Beef.

Beef was targeted at people like Kelly Handsome, Iceberg Slim etc. Guys that have dissed MI in the past.

Image: NigeriaOnline

Image: NigeriaOnline

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