#1.) Qatar – Richest Country in the World and in Asia
GDP (PPP): $106,283.96
Capital City: Doha
With a population of around 1.9 million and GDP equal to $182 Billion, Qatar is the world’s richest country. It lies in the Persian Gulf and it is a peninsula. It lies in the Middle East and is richest Arab country in the world.Saudi Arabia lies to its south. The economy
of this country is entirely dependent on Petroleum as it contributes nearly 85% of export earnings.Banking and Tourism are other areas where Qatar generates money. It is also the richest country in Asia. Its competitively open trade policies with the US have made Qatar the wealthiest nation in the world. The country charges no income tax to its citizens and other taxes are also very minimal. The current GDP of Qatar surpasses all the other countries in the world and is $102,768.69.
Thus we can see that the size of the country does not matter when it comes to wealth and that even a small a nation can aspire to be the richest in the world
USD = 3.64105 QAR
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