awkward places ng ladies snap pics

Nigerian ladies can not help clicking the snap button on their phones wherever they are. Many at times, they exhibit this desire at some of the most awkward places.

As we all know that most Nigerian ladies are so obsessed with taking pictures just to flaunt their styles on social media. By the reason of this obsession, some take pictures in any environment they find themselves not minding how awkward these pictures look.

Here are the awkward places many Nigerian ladies snap pictures and upload them for the world to see;

#1:. Toilet

Some ladies don’t even mind the odour emanating from the toilet just to show how classy they are. In fact, some of them will even take a selfie while defecating. This is aimed at craving attention from guys. This silly act is very common with Lagos babes.

#2:. Okada

It beats my imagination how some ladies managed to snap themselves conveniently on bike despite the gallops and brake applied by the bike man. Just because wind is blowing their useless weavon and perhaps they are wearing sun glass, they will snap themselves and later seek guys’ consent if they look like nadia buhari. This is pure nonsense.

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