We all know that when it comes to living the life of Luxury, Nigerian Celebrities will never carry last. From living in expensive apartments, to owning them, to having flashy fleet of cars down to their jewelries and all, Nigerian celebrities will never be last on the List of “Luxury Living” if there ever will be a list like that.

In Nigeria, we are aware of the fact that One’s home is a reflection of one’s success and achievements in whatever chosen occupation/profession and “Entertainment” is most definitely not exempted.

Every Nigerian celebrity has a dream of acquiring his own multi-million naira mansion and to have this dream come true is usually a long time life goal.

Although, Nigeria may have the highest number of celebrities in the continent, not all of them have their own personal homes, that’s why this weekend, we bring to you the Top 12 celebrities who actually have their own personal multimillion Naira homes.

Without taking much of your time, we move to the first celebrity on our list, they are actually couples.

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