That rush we feel when we hear some female singers do their thing be it in live concerts or on our phones.

The women on this list, have not once or twice given us great songs delivered with incredible vocals which till date still leaves beautiful mark in our lives.

The artistes who made this list were picked based on their voice quality, vocal strength, and uniqueness, so let’s dive in guys.



Simi, had many blown away with soothing voice. She brings bursts of freshness and fun to her song with her infusion of catchy choruses and relatable subject matters. Her latest, ‘Love Don’t Care‘ still has many of us in a much needed relaxed/head-nodding mood. Her no effort-whatsoever ability, to calm the angriest nerves with just the singing of a note, her fun and ‘relatable’ music and passion employed in delivering her lyrics on a beat, has her amongst the few female Nigerian singers who can actually hold her own.

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