In recent times, the outburst of celebrity breakups is of course not only alarming but it leaves us wondering if really the concept of a “perfect match” still exists.

However, even in the midst of the many marital woes, there are still some couples we are rooting for. We simply adore their love and union that we can’t just imagine them apart!

What has really kept them together this long? Does having lasting relationships have anything to do with working together? These couples are in the spotlight and contrary to the notion that celebrity marriages do not last, these ones have been able to weather the storm.

We know you wanna know who they are…Here is our list of some Nollywood Celebrity Couples We Can’t Imagine Apart.


#1:. Charly Boy and Lady Di

Charly Boy and Lady Di have been married for 32years. They have also been working together and have been people of like passion. So we see that marrying your friend is key, contrary to what many people think.

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