14 Secret Manners Everyone Wishes Their Friends Would Adopt


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When it comes to certain good manners, Nigerians should be ranked at the bottom of the list.

And when confronted about their “not-so-nice” attitude, they bark at you in a defensive manner. Usually followed by the words

It’s not part of our culture. Dude really?!

At some point in my life, I thought I was odd when I expected my friends to behave in a certain way but they didn’t. Let’s say I’ve learned to adapt to the Nigerian way. What about those who haven’t adapted? I bet you secretly wish your friends behaved better.

Well, here are 14 behaviours we secretly wish our friends will adopt. It can’t happen overnight.

Passing this along to friends to read is definitely the first step

Numbers 7 & 13 happen to be my favourites:


17 ways we'd like friends to behave

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